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Hootsuite pledges to make equal pay a priority among all
employees, regardless of factors such as gender, sexual orientation,
ability, age, race, or ethnicity.

Through measurable actions, beginning with annual Pay Equity
Assessments, we aim to address and eliminate existing pay gaps
within the organization.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

By forming a dedicated committee that works closely with our
Executive Team, we aim to integrate DE&I within every facet of our

In addition to educational initiatives, the committee helps ensure
that Hootsuite is strategically aligned when it comes to prioritizing
diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

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Becoming allies for diversity

Real connection begins with learning about each other.
Through our partners, we seek to learn and address the
challenges faced by underrepresented groups. Their
support also increases our pipeline of diverse talent,
provides an opportunity to expand our network, and
helps our leaders build diverse teams where everyone
feels engaged and included.

Belonging isn’t about asking people to fit in. It’s about asking them to be who they are and be the best version of themselves.

Tara Ataya Chief People & Diversity Officer Hootsuite

A culture built on inclusion

At Hootsuite, we consider diversity and inclusivity throughout the employee lifecycle—from a prospective
employee’s first point of contact, throughout the recruitment process, and well after hiring.

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Accessible Recruitment Process

Throughout the hiring process, we ask candidates to raise any need for accommodation to help eliminate barriers to success and to keep our career opportunities accessible to all.

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Hootsuite Referral Program

We make a donation to a charitable organization for every successful hire of a referral who self-identifies as a member of an underrepresented group. This aims to inspire diversity within Hootsuite, and better reflect the communities and customers we serve.

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Inclusive Learning

We provide standardized learning programs globally to create a fair and equitable employee experience - starting from your hiring process. Hiring@Hootsuite, Unconscious Bias, Challenging Your Bias and Building Inclusive Teams.

Balancing work and well-being

We’re wild about our health and wellness initiatives, and we know our people are wild about them too.
Through these, we hope to create a safe space where employees can come exactly as they are and find
the support they need to thrive in and out of the workplace.

Comprehensive Benefits

We care about our people, but it’s not enough to just say that. On top of extended
health benefits and lifestyle spending accounts, Hootsuite provides coverage for a
variety of services where made available by law.

  • Mental Health

  • Gender Affirmation

  • Fertility Treatments

  • Maternity and Parental
    Leave Top-ups

  • Pension Plan

  • Long-term Disability

  • Family Care Leave

  • Work from Home

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Mental Health Time

We are creating initiatives to encourage employees to
take time off work to destress and enjoy their lives
(because we work to live, and not vice versa).

  • Owly time

    Our employees enjoy half-day Fridays
    in the summer to spend more time
    outdoors in the sun.

  • Wellness Week

    We simultaneously unplug
    company-wide for a whole week to
    collectively focus on our health and

Intentional Workspaces

Our Vancouver offices not only meet strict building codes for accessibility, but
have also been redesigned for the needs of future office work based on employee

  • Multipurpose
    Wellness Room

  • Gender-neutral

  • Mobility device-friendly
    floor plan

  • Ergonomic furniture
    and workstations

  • Focus on
    collaborative spaces

  • Biophilic design

Paving the way to understanding
with dialogue

When it comes to DE&I in the workplace, we foster a culture of belonging through
conversations that deepen our understanding of diverse experiences.

  • Lived Experience Series

    Guest speakers from diverse
    backgrounds share their
    personal stories to challenge our
    biases, widen our understanding
    of experiences differing from our
    own, and support us on our
    journey to allyship.

  • Listening Sessions

    Members of underrepresented
    groups within Hootsuite get the
    opportunity to sit with our CEO
    and Chief People Officer to share
    their experiences and help
    influence how we build a more
    inclusive workplace.

  • DE&I Learning Programs

    Taking the time to learn together
    reinforces Hootsuite's culture of
    belonging and supports
    employees in building a more
    inclusive environment for
    members of underrepresented

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