Here’s how Hootsuite helps you deliver efficient and personalized customer care through social media.

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Stay on top of topics

Monitor trends and your posts’ performance across profiles in one place by setting up custom streams that suit your workflow. Respond to queries, boost positive reactions, and share items with teammates in a single click.

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Manage all incoming messages easily and efficiently

Don’t let customer questions overwhelm you. Hootsuite’s Inbox is designed to help you monitor messages from different networks in a single view. Filter out those that require action, bulk dismiss the ones that don’t, and respond yourself or assign another team member to the task.

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Ensure accurate, timely responses to every comment and question

Tap the right team member to address customer inquiries with easy-to-use team assignments. Get subject-matter experts to respond if needed or simply spread the workload to speed through any message quagmire in impressive time.

  • Enjoy the efficiency of chatbots without losing customer intimacy

    Use chatbots to respond quickly to straightforward audience inquiries, and get a seamless conversation handover, via messages to your Inbox, when customers need hands-on attention from a human person.

  • Integrate top CRM tools seamlessly

    Don’t waste time creating new CRM processes. Integrate your favourite third-party tools like Salesforce or Zendesk with Hootsuite to route messages and to the most appropriate department for seamless on-brand handling.

  • Make your customers happier faster

    Continually improve your customer service by tracking and analyzing your team metrics. Optimize your response and resolution times for incoming messages on social media to score with your audience.

  • Bolster your brand and track audience opinions

    Protect and grow your brand’s reputation using ReviewTrackers, a software tool that integrates with Hootsuite to capture reviews from over 85 sites. Organize reviews alongside your dashboard streams to see real-time audience opinions, share positive reviews, and easily monitor and act on trends.

Learn more about the Hootsuite platform

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    Easily create, curate, review, and publish content

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    Easily create and manage advertising campaigns

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    Stay on top of conversations on key topics

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    Measure and analyze your performance on social

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