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Government agencies can now easily work with the global leader in social media management to engage with citizens, manage crisis communications, and deliver services and information via social media.

Meet Your Agency’s Mission on Social

Citizens expect you to communicate with them on social media

Rapid changes in consumer preference are forcing governments to integrate social media into their working processes and develop a cross-functional strategy for engaging with citizens. In a recent government benchmark study, only 44% of government employees rated their agency’s use of social media as good, with only 21% rating it as excellent.

With the mainstream taking a backseat to social media as the channel governments use to communicate with citizens, it’s more important than ever to take control of your social media presence. Learn more in our free guide.

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One secure platform to improve citizen engagement and service delivery, build your agency’s brand, and respond efficiently in a crisis.

  • Empower staff

    Allow your team to engage directly with citizens— without compromising control over messaging and access.

  • Stay compliant

    Integrations with social media archiving solutions keep you compliant with FOIA and other public records laws.

  • Measure public sentiment

    Uncover the impact of your programs and policies with real-time social media listening and analytics.


Creating Connections, Building Trust

As public distrust for police departments grows—and demands for increased scrutiny and accountability grow louder and more urgent—it’s more important than ever for law enforcement agencies to equip their teams with tools and strategies to increase transparency, listen to their communities, and rebuild the trust that is at the heart of civil society.

From strategy and execution to effective communication and crisis preparation, this guide outlines what agencies need to build stronger connections with the communities they serve.

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